Who We Are

Urho, The Way, is an internet-based outreach Christian ministry to disseminate the love of Triune God. The goal of this ministry is to explore, imbibe, and disseminate the in-depth meaning and to find the contextual relevance of the Christian faith based on the life and ministry of the Syriac Orthodox Church.

This goal is achieved through the collective work of a committed group of volunteers across the globe, who serves as the evangelists to all the nations.

Urho, THE WAY is an associate platform with Hymonutho and mutually collaborates on the mission of contributing academic quality materials of the Syriac Orthodox history, theology, liturgy, mission, and ministry, not limited to the diaspora but all English-speaking individuals across the globe.

The mission will also contribute a platform especially to reach out to children and youth to help them understand the true faith and to address the struggles and challenges of leading a God-centered life in the world. The mission will contribute insights on the contextual and contemporary life-applications of the hidden-pearls of the scriptural, Apostolic, and church fathers’ teachings and the ancient Syriac Orthodox Liturgy. The mission will also envision to empower the individuals and communities to have an uncompromising faith in a compromising world.

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