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  • Coffee with Aboona – Christian Understanding of Dating
    A conversation with Very Rev. Fr. Abraham Kadavil Corepiscopos, hosted by Dr. Princy Paul & Abel John
  • Coffee with Aboona – Marriage
    Marriage is a holy sacrament instituted in the church which is optional in nature but with a divine and lifelong commitment between the male and female. This is a true model of union between Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden – so-called “Marriage is held in Heaven”. It is no simple mission and nearly impossible to enter into without proper counseling and understanding of God’s will. In this episode of Sunday Coffee with Aboona, Very Rev. Fr. Abraham Kadavil Corepiscopos talks about the various aspects of marital life. Stay tuned as Princy and Abel open up a discussion with Aboona on the different aspects of some of the common conflicting issues currently being faced by married couples with suggestions for positive ways and means to overcome them.
  • Orthodoxy in the Contemporary World
    What is Orthodox spirituality? How is this relevant in the modern world? Urho, The Way is inviting you to join a conversation between Rev. Fr. Dr. Renjan Mathew and Rev. Fr. Anthony Mourad. Fr. Anthony is a priest of our sister Coptic Orthodox Church, and one of the founders of both Coptic Orthodox Answers and the newly launched Skopos initiative. In addition to his parish ministry, Abouna Anthony’s efforts extend to engagement with Orthodox youth and inquirers from across the world in dealing with questions of faith and practice while living as 21st-century citizens.
  • Martyrdom in Ethiopia: Understanding the Violence Impacting the Church
    Recent violence in Ethiopia between the federal and regional governments has left many Ethiopian Orthodox faithful in danger. Sadly, we have seen the martyrdom of believers as well as the destruction of churches, which have been set on fire. Deacon Henok Elias Negash joins a conversation with Mr. Zeby Poycattle on 17th November 2020 highlighting the nature of this violence, how it is impacting our Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church, and understand what we can do through prayer and action to offer support for a peaceful resolution. Rev. Fr. Dr. Jacob Joseph will also join the conversation to offer prayers and support from the Syriac Orthodox faithful.
  • Standing with Armenia: Understanding the Persecution in Artsakh
    Rev. Fr. Ghevond Ajamian, a Dallas-based Armenian priest, talks with Mr. Zeby Poycattle highlighting the historical context of the conflict, precipitating scenario that leads to the war, how the Armenian Orthodox Church and her flocks are affected, the ongoing persecution, the action plan and hopes of peace. Fr. Paul Thottakadu, the secretary of the Malankara Archdiocese of the SOC in North America and Canada, will join the conversation to express solidarity, support, and prayer from the Syriac Orthodox faithful.
  • Mission and Relevance of the Diaconate in the Oriental Orthodox Churches
    Dn. Daniel Kakish (Syriac Orthodox Church of Antioch), Dn. Dawit Muluneh (Ethiopian Orthodox Church), Dn. Yemane Tesfay (Eritrean Orthodox Church) and Dn. Elias Varghese (Malankara Jacobite Syriac Orthodox Church) have a discussion on the contemporary mission and significance of the diaconate in the Oriental Orthodox Churches. The discussion will be highlighting the historical evolution of the office of the diaconate, the current status of the diaconate in various Oriental Orthodox churches, its challenges in the western world, the role and significance in the contemporary world, and so on.
  • Womanhood: Reflections from the Syriac Orient
    Dr. Jeanne Nicole Mellon Saint-Laurent, Dr. Christine Altinis-Kiraz, and Dr. Princy Paul reflect on the place and their vision for women in the church and in the world on the occasion of International Women’s Day

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