Lectures on The Discourses of Mor Philoxenos of Mabbug

Introduction to Dr. Robert A. Kitchen

Rev. Dr. Jacob Joseph sits down with world renowned Syriac scholar Dr. Robert A. Kitchen, to discuss his life and contribution to Syriac Studies. Dr. Kitchen is a retired minister of the Knox-Metropolitan United Church in Canada, and had been involved in Syriac academia for decades. Along with countless articles and his teaching commitments, Dr. Kitchen is the translator of the “Book of Steps” or Syriac Liber Graduum (Kthobo d-masqoto) and the “Discourses of Mor Philoxenos of Mabbug”. You can pick up your copy of Dr. Kitchen’s new translation from Amazon.

Lecture 1 – The Lover of Strangers

Lecture 2 – ‘Tis a Gift to be Simple

Lecture 3 – The Lust of the Belly and the Spiritual Life