St. Mary, Our Mother

Next week on Urho The Way, we commence our new series where we’ll explore the importance of St. Mary and other women saints in the Syriac Orthodox tradition. We’ll look at our prayers, the lives of saints and patristic writings covering the Holy Virgin and other saintly women. Women have always played an important role in the Orthodox Church and St. Mary the Theotokos serves as the archetype of womanhood and all of humanity.

Stay tuned to Urho, The Way as we take a deep dive into Syriac Orthodox Mariology and also examine the relationship between the Holy Church and womanhood as a whole.

Dr. Sebastian Brock, in regards to the Mariological perspectives of the Syriac Orthodox fathers writes, “In Ephrem’s thought the Virgin Mary is seen very much as a model for the ideal pattern of relationship between the human individual and God: she fulfils the potential that Eve failed to achieve.”

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