Every Friday, we’ll be sharing nuggets from the Syriac language and our Liturgy. We hope that an in-depth analysis of these terms we so often hear, will help all of us grow in faith.

Today we look at the word Qurbono (sometimes pronounced Qurbana). Mor Mushe bar Kifo says, “We call it ‘Qurbana’ because He was made an oblation to God the Father, for our sins. As the Apostle [Hebrews 9:14] said: “He who offered himself for us” And in the law of Moses also they used to call ‘qurbana’ those sacrifices which were offered for sins.”

Likewise, St. Dionysius Yac’ub bar Salibi says, “It is called ‘nearness” because those who are near and far away, Heavenly and earthly beings come together, as says Paul: in Him we have access for both of us, the People and the gentiles (Ephesians 2:18).”

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