Angel of Peace: Remembering Patriarch St. Ignatius Elias III

“Death is inevitable whether here or in India; I would rather sacrifice my life for the sake of our children in Malankara.” – St. Ignatius Elias III

Urho prayerfully presents, “Angel of Peace: Reflections on the Life and Legacy of Patriarch St. Ignatius Elias III”.

On Wednesday February 16th at 9:30am EST, 8:00pm IST, we celebrated the 90th dukhrono of our beloved late Patriarch. St. Ignatius Elias III is the only Patriarch of Antioch whose blessed remains are interred in India and his tomb stands as a towering symbol of the sacrifices made by Syriac Orthodox fathers to nurture the Holy Church in Malankara.

We are honoured to welcome our three esteemed guests to this wonderful program, Their Eminences Mor Theophilos Kuriakose, Resident Metropolitan of Malankara Syrian Orthodox Theological Seminary (MSOTS) and diocese of Central Europe; Mor Dionysius Jean Kawak, Archbishop of the diocese of Eastern United States; and Mor Anthimos Mathews, Muvattupuzha region of Angamali diocese. Barkmor Tawdi sagi Your Eminences!

May the prayers of Manjinikkara Bava be with us all!

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