St. Euphemia of Chalcedon (♰ 304 AD)

This week we look briefly at the life of St. Euphemia of Chalcedon ♰ 304 whom the Syriac Orthodox Church commemorates on July 11th.

She was martyred for the Christian faith during the reign of the tyrannical Diocletian. St. Euphemia refused to worship the pagan idols, and was subsequently tortured because of it. She was finally thrown to wild beasts, receiving the heavenly crown of martyrdom.

In the 21st century, especially in the West, we are fortunate to have religious freedom and are no longer forced to worship other deities. However, oftentimes out of our own volition, we make idols of famous personalities, including politicians and celebrities. As we seek role models to emulate, let us always strive to follow only those whom- in both in word and deed- will lead us to Christ.

May the prayers of St. Euphemia be with us all. ♰

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